Libra Zodiac Print

Don't worry all you Libras, this isn't just your basic scale! Two little magical cauldrons are balanced on this scale with spider web details.

Libra represents those who are born between September 23rd to October 22nd.

This is a 5x7 print of a hand drawn illustration.

"A balance weighs and measures; and so do Libra natives. Librans seek equality, harmony, and balance. The scales are also a symbol of justice.
Libra’s symbol is the only symbol in the zodiac that is inanimate (it is not represented by an animal or person). Where is Libra in your chart? This is the area in life where you strive for balance and equilibrium. If this part of your life seems unbalanced, you seek to change that. It is in this sphere of your life that you strive to be fair and just. The glyph, or symbol, of Libra represents the setting sun. It also resembles an “equal” sign, though it more accurately reflects an “approximately equal to” symbol. Again, Libra’s drive to compare and balance is represented in its glyph.” (Source: