About Which is Witch

Which is Witch focuses on making screen prints, illustrations, and goods that are centred around feminism, witchcraft, queer, and alternative themes. This shop is run by Kelsi Sorensen, a witchy illustrator, designer, and tattoo artist. She aims to create fun and quirky pieces that are accessible, while promoting empowerment through a dark and feminist lens.

Kelsi currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario where she operates out of her home studio, and her private tattoo studio. She attended the Ontario College of Art & Design University where she majored in Graphic Design and minored in Furniture Design, while dabbling in Screen Printing for fun.

This one class is where her interest turned into her passion and she is now a full time artist, illustrator, and maker. Which is Witch has been the cumulation of this background and the need for mental health space in the workplace.
Supporting Which is Witch is supporting small businesses, women-operated shops, mental health awareness, and the reclaiming of Witch through a feminist lens. Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy it!