Market of the Beast

We are a traveling dark art market for the weird, wild, occult, and obscure.

“Dark art?! What's that?” You ask. No we are not handing out hexes and curses. We are an art market that features artists from the Pacific Northwest, who make handmade goods and art. Our talented artists create anything from taxidermy, bone jewelry and occult images to apothecary, pins, patches, and more. We have a selection of readers as well at our markets including folks who read tarot, palms, tea leaves, bones, astrology and more.

Are you interested in vending? Due to a high demand of applicants we are a juried show. This means vendors will need to fill out an application which will be hand selected by our team to determine who will be in the show. We have multiple shows a year in multiple cities. If you didn’t get into a certain show you still may be accepted into a different show in another city or a later show in the city you originally applied for.

Market of The Beast was started October 2019 in Seattle at the Unicorn Bar, but quickly spread out to Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Everett, and Bellingham. We are always looking for more places to do a pop-up shows at, so if you’d like us to come to your town please shoot us an email!

The Beasts

Market of The Beast was founded by Alex Clundt of Drawn to the Bone Designs and Heather Loop of Feral Hag. We are two dark artists producing a dark art market for other dark artists. We also have our official mascots, Peanut the Dog and Maggie the Three Legged Opossum.


Check them out here!